6 Easy Tips for improving your local seo

February 7, 2015

phoenix-internetThis article is addressed to all employers, own a store or a chain of stores. To increase the number of potential customers and improve sales, you need a good strategy for local SEO Phoenix(Search Engine Optimization). Carrying out the optimization of certain parts of your website, increase the number of possibilities appear in the results of local searches performed by your potential customers. As Paul Schmidt said in the blog Hubspot, search engines rely on signals. The local content, social profile pages, and appointments or external links to provide the most relevant to the user local results are the three areas that must be optimized. You can thus improve local search signals. Next, we will explain how to perform this optimization

phoenix-seo-expertSignals on page

First, we will discuss the signs on the SEO company Website. Within this area, there are three step. The first step is to configure the PAN. It is, to facilitate people and search engines the way to your website, ie make them easy to find you. To do this, you need to carry out the configuration of the name, address and phone number with area code. This configuration should be included as HTML text. As you remember Paul Schmidt Hubspot blog, the most common location for the PAN is in the footer or header. Secondly, you must set the location on the website. It is, to provide your users with the information necessary to know your business. The PAN must include information such as store hours, a description thereof, promotions, customer testimonials, etc. And the third step is to publish local content that is relevant. It is advisable as you know, make regular blog posts. It is advisable also to promote news, educational content, etc. that are attractive to the users.

phoenix-seo-companies Second, we find profiles on Phoenix SEO company social pages. Like the previous area, it is also divided into several steps or recommendations. This time, there are five recommendations to follow. The first is access Google +. It is necessary that you create a page for each store you have, and that you link to pages localization of you we have spoken above. The second is the need to remove the ads you have duplicate using Google Mapmaker. It is normal, there are ads that are duplicates, as your workers need not know their existence. Google Mapmaker, will help you avoid comments and links through the pages of Google + is diluted. The third recommendation is to develop a system for creating customer feedback. As stated by Paul Schmidt, customers may be new to Google +, so need help showing the process to follow. It is recommended that you offer them flyers to your customers, both in store and by mail. The fourth recommendation is that you optimize your business categories. Google +, gives you the opportunity to browse through the list of business categories so you can find the most relevant industry. You must add between 4 or 5 categories that are related to your business, should be specific and generic categories. The fifth recommendation is concerned Yelp. It is, in a difficult beast compared to the local Google +. You can promote your business presence on Yelp by incorporating a Yelp logo on your website.

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Third and finally, we want to talk to the third area, links and quotes. Sure inbound links from another page on your website and know plenty, but appointments are something else. Citations are neither more nor less than the entries are made in the business name and address of your business on other websites. Citations have no need to be accompanied by a link. As in the previous two areas, we will give several recommendations for optimization. In this case, there are three. First, check the consistency of your business address on the web. For local SEO is crucial consistency in the trade name, address and phone number of your business. The second recommendation to improve the optimization is to build appointments directory. As Paul says in the blog Smchidt Hubspot, for US companies, four aggregators map data provide a wealth of data from maps for Apple, Yelp, Bing, local Google+, Trip Advisor, etc. The four data aggregators are expressed update, managed business listing, factual, and “NeuStar localeze”. And the third and final recommendation is to win local ties. You will improve your presence in local searches, if you get links to local sources.

In conclusion, we emphasize the importance of a good optimizing your website to improve your position in search results. Improvement, which help sales of your business. Only we have already, I expect sorry outcome of interest and wish you luck on your adventure of Phoenix SEO (Search Engine Optimization)