May 1, 2015

Software analyzes links
Find out how a webpage managed to position itself in 1st place in the top search engines – Then use this knowledge to
improve your own position! ”

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This backlinks analysis software.
Search engines look at link popularity of a website. This criterion is a key factor of the ranking of a site in their algorithms.

Main factors in link popularity:

♦ the amount of links pointing to your site
♦ the quality of links pointing to your site

♦ relevance of links pointing to your site
♦ the anchor text (title link) used in the link
♦ the alt tag of an image link pointing to your site
♦ which page in your website link goes

Backlinks analyzer that allows

Total number of links pointing to your website
Analysis of links pointing to your website
Analysis of anchor text and alt tags of links pointing to your website
Analyse the page rank websites that link to your website
Export results in an html file
Analyze your competition and automatically edit a comparison report with your site

Backlinks Analyzer finds hundreds of sites from which you can get your site
Backlinks Analyzer finds interesting partner sites by searching for:

The websites that reference the competing sites.
Sites that offer products or services that complement yours

The software Backlinks Analyzer finds the best sites to be referenced.
Generally, websites with the best positioning analyzes are higher in the search engines classementdes. Thus, exchange its links with other websites has become the most popular method to increase the analytical index a site.

Backlinks Analyzer software spy on the web pages of your competitors – Legally!
Backlinks Analyzer is an exceptional intelligence gathering tool. These excellent features will help you understand your competitors better than ever.

Spy your competitors to:

Uncover the secrets behind the top ranked pages of your competitors.
Find interesting partners seeking websites that référencient the websites of your competitors.
Find affiliates who promote the products and services of your competitors.
Follow any event that could offer you a business opportunity. For example, the disappearance of the link of a competitor a website may mean that advertising space is now available.

Check out the results of an analysis
Analysis of text links
Analyzes each link text by providing the name of the site url pointing your and its Page Rank.
In this example, there are 613 links pointing to the url whose name link called “Free Tips Bach flowers”

Analysis of image links
Analyzes each image link providing the name of the site url pointing your and its Page Rank. If the image had a title it is displayed.

Analysis of url links
Displays a list of all URLs pointing to your site, with details of each link in the page.

PR analysis pages
This window class distribution of all PR pages making a link to yours. You also clicking on a line of PR, the details of each window with the title of the html and url page.

Analysis Class C
Analysis of each IP address class C

Analysis Page Rank fields
Displays the page rank domains with the details of each domain and IP address.

Study areas
Lists all fields with each IP address and the number of pages on this site that link to yours.

Simply enter an email address and Phoenix SEO will collect the information.
On the 1 tab you will find an analysis of expressions up of 1 and 2-word frequency in the page.
On the sencond tab, the source code of the page is displayed.
Finally on the last tab, the code without html page appears.

Sentence construction
This little tool will allow you to combine multiple keywords in order to make expressions.

There are three input fields that allows you to sort the order of your keywords. Click generate and presto you here with a list of expression to add your pages for SEO.
You can export your results in 14 different file formats!

With the latter module, you will know how many links point to your site or to those of your competitors.