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February 21, 2015


How has changed the way we do corporate blogging

The corporate blogging is a great resource for those who decide to use the web and push their company. Through an online platform – perhaps based on a classic CMS WordPress – you can create a kind of online magazine devoted exclusively to what you are, what you do …

Wait. Stop a moment. Reread what I wrote. There are sentences which clash with my idea of corporate blogging, do not you think? Some examples: “online magazine devoted exclusively to what you are, what you do.” You seem a proper way to classify the work of corporate blogging?

I mean, you really believe that today – in 2015, almost 2016 – the blog of a company should be seen as a kind of internal magazine? Phoenix a publishes newspapers branded, but that’s another story: it is a means of communication vertical, one-way, which provides services to the company.

Your blog, the blog of your company, it’s something different. At one time I could accept the comparison between magazine and blog, now there is something new that you have to define before embarking on a new adventure in the world of corporate blogging. So before you invest time and money.
Unidirectional Bidirectional Vs

The first change to be included in this list: the company blog is not a magazine, not a publication that informs customers on their universe. The reason? You probably do not have anything interesting to tell the people.

Sure, there is a new partnership that brings great quality to your products. So what? Do you think it necessary to write a press release of 1,500 words to give potential customers all the information?

In a technical all this has a value. In a corporate blog you have to find a way to tell these information. Also in this case the logic of storytelling, or narrative, represents the real resource to play with enterprise content. But not only.

The keystone is in your ability to make room for useful content to readers. The logic of the magazine is wrong for this (and certainly not for personal dislike, indeed): there must not be closed, there should be no filter between what people want and what you publish. You must maintain your style, you have to follow your personality, this always; at the same time you have to give voice to the needs of those who follow you.

In this way abandon the logic of the magazine owner (vertical) and embraces that of corporate blogging (horizontal) in which the creation of content occurs from the exchange, by comparing the share. So you go from a reality-way, from the source to the public, in a two-way. Or from the source to the public and vice versa. To learn more:

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A vision as old as what once could see the earth at the center of the universe. Science has proven the opposite, and I suggest you re-evaluate even the universe of corporate blogging often, the company focuses on only his blog. The rest is put into the background.

What I mean by “the rest”? Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus: a time these were tools of amplification. I publish on my blog, I put the link on the bulletin board and wait. What? Click the blog. These tools serve only to spread the link of the corporate blog.

Wrong answer. I have an active social process of blogging. People follow your channels because they can give something new, something useful with respect to the rss feed. And you have to be involved, to diversify, to create content that will live up to expectations. But above that are interesting to your niche.

free-seo-optimizationIt was once thought only to write on the blog. Now attention is also paid to the social, not just followers of corporate communication but communication nodes that readers Carefully choose to stay updated.
just write

Those who mistake the activity of blogging as a simple work of writing have it all wrong. Yet before it was so: the blogger wrote. What? Editorial, article marketing, press releases to be spread to every corner of the web known.

Then the terrible discovery: not just write. There is need for strategy. You have to type pointing to a specific purpose. Also coordinating the action of the social. So the blogger is no longer a simple columnist but an element able to operate with a broad vision: to create, but it must also follow the rules of good writing.

Yes, because good writing never fails. Just as there is no shortage of attention to the title tag and the description, the headline, to images. Blogging is all this: it is a game together. You must know how to write for the search engines and for the people, you have to be attentive to the behavior of users on social, and you have to work on the levers that can lead the reader to choose a useful direction.

best-local-seoThe blogging business first needed a media figure, a good columnist who could write and sign the articles with your account “admin”. This changes everything. Now we need to active involvement of a professional blogger.
Your opinion

Have you worked in the world of Phoenix SEO corporate blogging? You can contribute to this discussion: do you agree with this kind of evolution of corporate blogging? Where are we heading? I leave to you the word!