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Looking for quality of an Adwords expert and the flexibility of a consultant?
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Google Adwords Certified Consultant

10 years of creation and management of Adwords SEM campaigns for national and international clients targets.

“Search & Display Campaigns
“Mobile Campaigns
“Campaigns Products / Google Shopping
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> Campaign Management Objectives Google Adwords

Effective campaigns: find the joints levers that generate the most visitors or exhibitors.

Profitable campaigns: only spend budgets on the most profitable campaigns.

Campaigns finer learning to each step to optimize future campaigns.

> Campaign Management Methodology Google Adwords

The establishment of a profitable Adwords campaign requires finesse, skill and time.

My expertise is based on the implementation of specific methodologies designed with time and experience in the field.

These methodologies are based on the analysis of the performance of each keyword, ad group each and every Adwords campaign.

Campaigns can generate traffic starting off, it is then necessary to qualify through specific announcements and convincing landing pages that will gradually profitable campaign.

The optimizations are multiple and allow to appear only on the most profitable applications, with the most profitable ads, the most profitable times, on the most profitable media.

The quality levels of each keyword are optimized and direct impact on investment levels and costs to clicks.

Permanent monitoring helps control new management and campaign targeting tools that evolve every day (targeting functions, campaign organizations, Google Shopping extensions, Google+, Google map …) for best CPC, CTR and rates conversion.

Finally I bring Google Adwords experts in the implementation of the SEA tracking campaigns: Tips for inserting codes, setup Google Analytics and Adwords tracking, implementation of KPI’s major and minor, to give you a clear view of your ROI.

Accurate and customized dashboards then allow you to have an overall view of investment returns Adwords campaigns launched and the actions of SEO or other actions of Digital Marketing.

Steps for Creating and managing campaigns

1. Organization structure adwords campaigns

Setting up campaign organized to optimize the relevance of the keyword report / ad / landing page.

2. Bid Management and Cost Per Clicks

Optimize quality score keyword

Optimize CPC according to the monitoring indicator (average CPC, Avg Position, ACC or ROI).

3. Monitoring budgets

Control budgets recruited as the profitability targets / branding / traffic

4. Optimize ads

Editorial work to improve CTR and conversion rate. Monitoring the competition.

5. Optimizing landing pages

Selection of the most relevant landing pages based on the search type of visitor.

6. Evolution of campaigns

Additions and removal of new keywords to find new sources of traffic and conversion, according to the news, promotions, etc.

> Campaign Results

In a permanent return on investment concerns all SEA campaigns are manually managed to obtain quality scores around 10/10 that generate more qualified traffic at reduced costs.

The campaigns have almost all, more or less short term, achieving the desired profitability.

> Country Reporting Table Google Adwords

In addition to the Google Analytics reporting it is proposed summary tables of monthly analysis of the actions:

Syntheses of traffic generated,
Traffic sources
Monitoring of objectives achieved (conversions recorded, commands)
From the objectives achieved
Conversion rate
Variations recorded …