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August 1, 2015

Seo Cleaner, Anti negative SEO tool

I want to thank Franck Maquinay for taking the time to answer these questions.
1) Hello, Frank, can you introduce yourself?

Business training, I fell in SEO in 1998 and am still as passionate, despite my wife pulls my ears when I work too (she’s right ^^).

I regularly detoxifies through Badminton, my second passion.

I started the SEO longer in the meetings industry in which I have been for years in the top three positions on the terms “dating” and “meeting” for example.
2) How did the idea of ​​starting your business?

She was already mounted my father, but our previous activity was more selling and PC repair.

In this sector the margins were extremely small, we almost put the key under the door many times.

I logically transformed the business of the company to my passion, SEO. Now everything is fine, I am pleased to have an interesting job, rewarding, and my colleagues are great.
3) Are you alone in your business?

We left at 3 in 1998 and reached 19 today. I have a good team I particularly appreciate the seriousness and passion.

The profiles of my team are varied and allow us an interesting versatility. Include, among others, our agency project managers, consultants, certified specialists Adwords, developers (web and software), a network administrator, a graphic …
4) You will start in the coming months a new tool? How is it called? What does it consist of?

Absolutely, we are indeed in the process of developing a software specially designed for all referrers. It’s called quality SEO link building services Cleaner.

SEO Cleaner is the idea of ​​a developer / SEO of our team: Victor Vila. It is a web crawler that aims to facilitate the task of disavowal of links by accelerating the analysis of its backlinks profile.
Operation is very simple, simply enter the site that you want and check the list of domains that point to it (exported from Ahrefs, Majestic or Google Webmaster Tools) and start the crawl.

SEO Cleaner will then visit each area to monitor the presence of a link to the site to check, if the link is nofollow and extract dozens of factors on the inspected area (keyword density, IP, PR, ratio code / links, link anchor, etc).

These data, commonly used to judge the quality of a backlink are directly accessible in the software interface or when exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

Have on hand all these data allows significant time savings in the disavowal task.

Analyze your SEO backlinks free with Cleaner
5) What level of developing it?

The software is currently in beta. A fully functional version is already available, but some adjustments are still underway.

We are also counting on the hundreds of people who have downloaded the software to provide us with feedback in order to provide the best possible software.

Thereby SEO Cleaner always more or less remain in development, improving the As.

To receive the free software, simply register on this page: We send weekly software to a hundred people.
6.) There are solutions to analyze the external links to a site? How is your solution does provide a more?

There are indeed other specialized solutions in the verification of links profile of a site.



Often these are online services rather expensive and all automated (understanding the user has little hand on the links inspection task).

SEO Cleaner then offers two important advantages over these solutions. First, its beta version is available for free (when some services require several hundred dollars per month).

Second, it lets the user decide. For quality disavowal SEO Cleaner provides information on SEO so that it makes the right choice.
7 °) Can we use it to WordPress? If so, how?

SEO Cleaner functions independently of CMS used. It is software that is installed on the computer (it’s compatible PC, Mac and Linux) and not a plugin.

One can perfectly be used to check the profile of its links WordPress site and crawlera smoothly sites using WordPress (and all others).

Someone who would check the profile of its links WordPress website would only export its backlinks from Google Webmaster Tools, or Ahrefs Majestic, learn its domain name in the software and let SEO Cleaner go fishing information .

How to analyze your backlinks for SEO
8 °) Can we contribute, as a user, improving the software?

Yes and it is also highly recommended. We have set up a page dedicated to returns and suggestions for SEO Cleaner:

We rely on feedback from users in order to provide the best possible performance software.
9 °) Can we follow you on social networks?

I am mainly active on Twitter and would be happy to share it with all those who want it.

My profile:
The profile of my agency: (for SEO news and SEO Cleaner)
The profile of the creator of the tool:

10 °) Thank you for giving me this precious time, would you like to add anything?

First of all thank you for this interview. I would like to take this opportunity to present to those who do not know the free workshops offered by our agency.

These short courses of 2 hours on various topics related to the visibility on the internet. They are above all thoughts for professionals.

Who knows, in the future we may be training specifically focused on SEO WordPress.

Seo Cleaner is a software for your backlinks anlyser
My impressions about SEO Cleaner!

Unlike other aid SEO software, this software is free and intuitive. For cons, the beta currently used 0.4 suffers from a certain slowness. It seems that the code needs to be optimized. This is perfectly understandable when testing a beta version.

This software is ideal for small sites that are just beginning their SEO. You’ll know if Google Pinguin has not already pinned them. Indeed, the development version offers backlinks analysis from 500 different fields pointing to a site. In addition, we have to split the txt or csv file to import.

Google Webmaster Tools is one of the best tools to get the list of your backlinks. However, before you import the file, a pre-formatting is needed. (Removal of superfluous info). There is an icon to generate a very nice backlinks file, but deserves better. Indeed, the associated function makes it possible to list only the domain names to disavow in Google Webmaster Tools.

For cons, I really appreciate the fact that the software makes sorting out the links nofollow and dofollow. Some links may not go back to analyze any information because they are too slow to be crawlés correctly. If necessary, restart a crawl can solve the problem.

Ouch. Ouch. Hi, non-optimized sites that backlinks to your blog. That being said, you can always consult the offending backlink. The problem could perhaps be solved by improving the timeout given to the analysis of each backlink.

A software strength is emphasized: SEO Cleaner is able to show if a link analysis still points to your site as opposed to paid solutions do not allow.