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phoenix-az-scottsdale1. Characteristics of Local SEO
Any business that physically get some or all of their clients on a local, regional or provincial level should use Local SEO strategies to get the most of your target audience. That could fork from a restaurant, a shop, a doctor, dentist or lawyer that target a consumer or direct public (B2C) but also an advertising agency aimed at companies:

Whenever the business provided a physical address in a city and expect people to go there, it is necessary to conduct a series of local Phoenix SEO strategies for that location.

Local SEO Features

All elements that apply to the usual SEO strategies should also worked to achieve local SEO: page optimization or SEO On-site, the strategy of quality links, mentions in social networks, the indexing process for appear in searches, etc.). However, local SEO has unique strategies:


For local SEO is necessary to create and order a physical company profile GoogleMy Business (and other search engines like Bing or Yahoo). Localized search results will show businesses that fit the search and found close to the user.

phoenix-it-servicesGoogle My Business


A second factor to consider is the citation, ie any directory or web page that includes the corporation exactly as you created the record in Google. It is important that all profile data are written in all spaces identically.

Lawyers in Phoenix SEO YELLOW PAGES

phoenix-to-scottsdale-az2.3 USER REVIEWS AND COMMENTS

Thirdly, comments and punctuation. The amount and quality of the user reviews affect the SEO Phoenix of a business on Google.

Hotel in Phoenix SEO Search with Google


One factor that Google also takes into account the distance the company from the center of the town. The search engine uses the “centroid” concept that establishes the point mentioned in the network and in many cases does not match the official center of the town. That “centroid” is determined by the reviews on the net and search for places in that space.

The search engine also tends to show businesses that continue to detail all the parameters SEO and have a better rating. It is therefore possible that a business located outside the city remains at the top of search:

Thanks to the geolocation we can dispense with the search terms of location. Google detects and recognizes the user’s location shows results and located as close as possible:

3. Steps to Work Local SEO

The first step is to give our business high in the service of Google My Business service Google to search for services and companies. It is crucial to make sure to place all data accurately and complete profile 100%. In Lesson 45 we review step process.

The step to register and activate the profile companies in Google My Business also includes adding images and videos. When we created this list should not use keywords or location names in the title of the company unless they are part of the name or brand of the company.

Google My Business


Make sure that the name, address and telephone number are used on every page of the site, in the same format as Google. It is advisable to also include the city or region in the title of the web.

A decisive factor is the use of local name and location references in texts of different subcategories. We perform a successful content strategy to position the possible sub-pages of our website.

It is important, in this regard, place the name of the province, city or neighborhood also in the meta descriptions of each service. For companies with subsidiaries or chains with different offices around the city, it is essential to also place the street.

Hertz Phoenix SEO Search with Google


To ensure a good position in the ranking of Google is also recommended to distribute and disseminate the most business profile in different directories and platforms. It is important to use a directory inquiry service and the yellow pages to ensure that the information on Google My business is spread over all the other great local platforms in the same format. In Phoenix we have some good examples:

Yellow Pages
Phoenix SEOh!

phoenix-seo-servicesFor this, we always include the exact data you have registered with Google My Business. In fact, identifies and relates Google searches for “city + industry” and compares it to the company and other companies in the same professional field. Thus, the user can also find results from search both city and industry, wherever you are.

In this sense it is also imperative total agreement with the data of Google My business (accuracy 1: 1), that means that if we have registered our profile with 1st and 2nd Street Huelva keep in mind that we do not generate high in directories with C / Huelva or 2 to 1


Users increasingly rely more and read the reviews from other users when making decisions on the internet. It is an upward trend that has been crystallized in recent years. In regard to local SEO, this strategy stands a key factor in locating a business because Google has set this variable as one of the most important when it comes to rank a position in the ranking.

The platforms are based on Tripadvisor reviews and are also a good resource to go collect reviews and ratings. However, in recent times the search engine itself has been honing his smell and detect fake reviews generated by business owners and excess suspiciously positive reviews.

veterinary clinic Search with Google


In search of a business valuations generated and the score is a very relevant to the Google algorithm variable. The location map is alphabetically ordered a resource for many users when choosing a location by location. By the keyword “Phoenix SEO Company” We can get this map in fourth place, are the results of SEO Local appearing after the organic results. Depending on the customer’s location as Google results that are most relevant to the user considering the keywords used in the search and location ‘device appear:

bike shop in Phoenix SEO Search with Google

A good rating (between 4 and 5 stars) obtained on map finder can cause movement in the ranking of search. It is also important because the amount negligible volume of comments does not help establish a definite criterion for the algorithm:

A good choice for getting reviews is quickly add access and logo of Google + on the website to link directly to reviews of Google + company or obtain also reviews through a newsletter. Many companies invite their own customers to participate in mentions of your profile Google +. This is no cause for penalty.


The comments and reviews are the current complaint forms where, increasingly, users look to us to purchase a service or product. In the end, what matters is that the average score help choose an establishment or another depending on the good reception of its customers:

4. Services of Google + and Google Maps
One of the primary steps in SEO in Google local physical business is to create a profile of Google + Local, which also include contact details and any company information updated we also include our location on Google Maps . In Chapter 3 of this Local SEO Guide, we will address in detail the use and operation of Local Google + and Google My Business.

The process of “embedding” the map of google maps with our thumbtack on our profile Google + helps users find basic information on the company as well as a route to get to it from the Google search page:

Vets Exotics Google

An increasingly common context is searching for an establishment such as a restaurant or hotel during a journey in Google Maps. In this sense, the service association between Google Maps and Google + generated reviews are a very useful binomial to provide information to the user but also to provide SEO.

For example, if we are in a neighborhood of Phoenix SEO and look for restaurants in Phoenix SEO from Google Maps we can click on the icon at the bottom corner of the screen where the “Explore” function is activated. Restaurant profile in Google + with its location, reviews and practical information linked as the telephone or the route to get from our location will appear:

Vets Exotics About Me Google

phoenix-web-designerWith the advent of smartphones, services and applications are increasingly linking with marketing strategies and SEO Local. For example, from Google Maps, we can perform a search of premises and call directly from the Google + profile of the company, share the ubiación, commenting on the same page trade or trace the route to get there.

5. The diffusion in social networks
In another development, diffusion in social networks is an ideal place for business to know the trampoline but also that position because the search engine also takes into account comments and ratings on other social networks to provide the ranking of a local.

Google gives more importance to comments and +1 on Google + that publications on other networks like Facebook or Twitter, especially when calculating the ranking of one or the other. However, it is proven that the particulars on other networks also helps position.

Some social networks and specific platforms use the geolocation and comments from users like Instagram and Foursquare. In the next chapter in Local SEO Guide, we address the geolocation as a sales strategy or geomarketing.


From Seocoaching also offer a comprehensive service for recording, managing and optimizing SEO Local high profile in Google My Business customers of all professional fields.

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