SEO Value : The Definitive Guide for SBOs 2015

February 8, 2015

phoenix-internetThe importance of value in the SEO

Sometimes it is necessary to focus on online marketing, as if it were a digital marketing strategy. Thus, it is left playing in the background, search traffic. However, this benefits the search engines. An example is Google. It benefits when it comes to SEO, whereas in Pay Per Click, it is, rather, it is an inconvenience. Then we speak of a strategy based on the values of marketing. It is very probable, that most concepts are known you individually. This is mainly on delivering value to a customer. It builds as does Google, placing first user needs, rather than searches that exactly match the terms entered in the search. Peterd for SEOBook blog, remarks us the importance of understanding the concept of keyword, from a much broader context. Then try to explain some basic questions to understand it better.

The importance of value in  SEO

First, we must answer two questions. The first would be what is the value-based marketing. Based marketing, value is neither more nor less than understand marketing, from the point of view, in which customer value is greater than the search engine. Peterd , speaks five areas:  and quantify the wants and needs of customers, with the most important things that affect your clients, 3rd improve your value pack to keep your customers, 4th create customer value it more meaningful and understandable, and 5th assess the best way to create real value for the customer.

phoenix-arizona-web-designThe second question would be what is the value for the customer. Peterd from the Phoenix blog, he asks, if all businesses of the same type have the same purpose, how it is possible for the customer to differentiate. There, that go beyond the simple purpose of business, for how customers choose. The proximity, quality of services provided, purchasing power, are for example some of the factors that help a customer to choose. It is based primarily on the customer need to compare different offers of the competition, while the need for the search engine, to give you all the necessary information to carry out this comparison and assessment.

SEO value


good-seo-companyFor years, the best Phoenix SEO Company has been the use of keywords. You have to change the chip, now you must focus on customers and the company. You must find out who they are and what they want, what is known as target market. As I have said above, are many and varied, the factors on which users rely to choose which deals with a specific value for them. You, you ask yourself what are the questions that customers will decide when and able to respond to them. To gather this information, it will be necessary, you interview you with customers, or the business owner. Its purpose is to create a list of topics that serve as the basis for articles that address these issues and possible challenges the value proposition. For information to transmit its value has to be relevant information, and specific. The use of company directory keywords, arose at a time when users, it was much more complicated, get to obtain easily the information they wanted, since search engines were not as strong as they are in the today. Having a lot of search engines capable of performing a search by keyword matching, has made it a little bit devalued.

free-seo-servicesFinally, we remark that the value is in the experience, offering value a company to a customer, a value chain is created. Businesses must monitor the value to control so that a loss of it occurs. Should adopt a strategy to monitor the value, improve supply, and correct problems that arise.