Websites: 15 pages every site needs for seo

February 8, 2015

businesses-in-phoenix-azThe objective of any good Phoenix SEO company web site is, in most cases, to come in contact with the (new) customers. For the reason the company website so pages with the proper information. Pages filled with information and knowledge to tell the story where the customer is looking for. In this blog article we provide an overview of the 15 pages that should have any company in our website.

A page with answers for each question

Of course it is no hard rule that you are at least 15 or 25 pages should have to be taken seriously as a company. But as a customer for each of his initial questions can find a page with answers, he will be inclined to take seriously the website and buy the product or contact. Since each potential customer or partner has a slightly different purpose, you must ensure that for each of the parties providing the correct information. From a search marketing perspective, it’s good to have their own pages to send back the visitors. By choosing a clear and simple navigation makes it possible to use one website to serve these different audiences.

In this case, we try to give a number of pages or page types in a simple way that every website owner to can / should think to put on his website. A good book to determine the content of those pages is Call to action. It explains how you can persuade a reader of a story to be customer or to ensure that the customer more products decreases. After all, this is the aim of every business website.

The importance of good content

There are several reasons why it is important to make good text on each page. Visitors often reads only 4 or 5 pages. The other texts are not read. But there is impossible to predict which pages will be read. For that reason, all texts must be well and encourage the customer to action. Based on the text and the good feeling that speaks from the text, a potential customer will indeed contact. Moreover, each page with good content is helpful to get high in Google.

However there are pages that are more important than other pages on the website. Below we have put them in order of importance for an average company website. Someone who will make a (new) website could elaborate below before he goes to a website builder to discuss his design. This website builder and web designer can better assess what the purpose is and where the important pieces of text to come. Also, a company with input for these pages can go to a writer to leave the further development of the specialist.

free-seo-tips1. Homepage

On the main page, the homepage, you put everything out at once what you stand for. Do not go into too much detail, but make potential customers curious to see what you have to offer even more. Your main products or services have on the home page, in any case come forward. In addition, the content of the home page depending on your ranking as a company. If for example you only for large customers and also for the little one? This information should all be found on your homepage.

2. Product Pages

On the product pages you explain what you have to offer. Create for any product or service its own page. Someone who is looking want to search engine marketing on that page do not read a full story about copywriting. Your story should be consistent with the expectations and needs of that customer. Lay also good from what the service can do for the customer, “what’s in it for me?”.

On a summary page you explain what products or services you offer them all. Here you briefly explain the difference between the products and services, and your visitors forwards to the individual product pages.

3. About

People buy from people. The product or service is not sufficient. Potential Phoenix SEO customers need to connect with the company behind it. Late in the ‘About us’ see what the company, the people (photo!), Your philosophy, the fact that you like to make your products and services. So you create a bond with the visitor to your company website.

4. Contact Page

It is rather obvious that a business website should have a contact page, but often leaves much to be desired implementation. Potential customers and existing customers contact your company may be lost and so you have to present it well and clearly on the website. Some customers want eg necessarily look up an email address or telephone number. To complete the page, it is wise to place a contact form, directions and a map next to a complete address with contact information.

5. Method

Potential customers are often confused. They wonder “is this something for me?”. By telling what is your method, you can remove some of this uncertainty. Furthermore, customers are still assessing whether the company fits with their own organization. Think about it when setting up a website.

6. Quotation

Every company is trying to sell something. But customers often want customization. After all, they do not buy 6000 bulbs in the shop, but ask for a quote. Everyone can imagine that there is a difference in the price level when it comes to large numbers of customization. By taking a quote form on it is possible to be open to customer queries where the site is no attention to yet.

7. Recommendations / testimonials

Potential customers would rather not be the first recipient of a product. Then they are afraid that it costs more if the project goes wrong. This is a frequently asked question by prospective customers, “you’ve done it once before and you can show the results?”. A good reason to put recommendations or testimonials on the website. Every company must here make his own decisions on competition grounds, but you can always use more anonymous cases or place a contact form so that you are interested you can send testimonials or cases.

8. Jobs

Recruiting good people takes a lot of money. So if people themselves send their resume is always pleasant. Furthermore you with a job as a business page to show potential customers that it goes well with the company. After all, you need new people. And if the new people have to meet certain requirements in terms of training and experience, says something about the quality of the company.

free-website-submission9. Blog

web design, step by step, it is clear!

A blog is an accessible way to tell something about your products or your company. It is less formal than a normal page. Customers find it nice to see a company that operates online and what makes itself heard. In addition, a blog is a good place for product presentations, attendance at events and accessible contact with customers. To get high in Google and to continue it is important to regularly tell something new. Of course, a blog is an ideal way to achieve this.

10. Blog Archive

It should be possible to find in the archives of a blog. People who are looking for additional information like this please. Moreover, it is very good for the visibility of the various blog posts in Google.

11. Privacy / Disclaimer / Terms and Conditions

Legally, there needs to be told on a company website all about the use of cookies. Furthermore, these components give an official character to the website. You can also place a disclaimer on the website instead of the bottom of each email. An example of a disclaimer

12. FAQ page

People often have the same questions. These can be properly processed in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Even if the answer to that question is found elsewhere, put them right on this page. People who are looking to go to a specific response not read all the pages. They expect to find the answer on the FAQ page. Moreover, such a page, the company can save a lot of time because standard questions (or questions from people who are not your target audience) quickly and easily be answered on the website.

13. Glossary / terms / what

Every industry has words that are very specific and may not be understood by all readers. A glossary or wiki with technical terms is a good place to solve this problem. It is also a good way to create valuable content.

14. Sitemap

Google sitemap and visitors is very important. If they can not find information, they can figure out the (descriptive) sitemap or state information somewhere. Create a site map that has a logical layout, so the menus as main items and submenus below.

15. Press Releases

For this same benefits apply as for a blog you share useful current information about your business on your website. Some companies prefer to do that through press releases. That is fine. On a page with press releases you can also offer more easily, such as photos, movies, links, etc. It gives a good impression of your business and the ongoing developments. And of course all the relevant information is also useful for ranking in Google.

Text General advice

free-website-optimizationA reader reads not all text on a page. Depending on where the reader is looking for, he reads the introduction, only the heads or a specific section. So it is important to take this into account and in the first 50 words to give the main explanation (or contents) in the first 150 words to keep the essence and the total number of words in a page around 450. Break for the readability of text in a distinct and comprehensible sections. Should it be necessary to make a longer article, make sure it has a clear structure. As this blog entry, which consists of 15 children that can be read separately. The web page of the blog or can contribute to this.

Follow-up company website:

The texts do not have to be perfect. It is the raw contents. With this idea, the site builder can work more quickly than normal. As a result, it is often cheaper. He knows what the purpose is and how much he has to designing templates. Because the steps of the text on the page should be run through a website can also be online much faster. Let the texts afterwards by someone check on content and language technical possibilities for improvement. Indeed, the website takes your next customer but a few pages time to form an image.